Mechanische Kartonwelten Frankfurt 2016.pdf
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Gigantic, moving cardboard machines

The French cardboard artist Bernard Lagneau has been fascinating the world since 1970 with his moving, gigantic Room installations made of corrugated cardboard. Each of these ephemeral architectures is unique - the artist never conquers the the same space twice in the same way. Museums, galleries, town halls, castles and entire landscapes Bernard Lagneau has already enchanted his audience - he is building his 100th large-scale machine in the north-west centre of Frankfurt.

To experience this monumental mechanized cardboard art in action is the culmination of every shopping experience. Since all components, except for the silent electric motor, which is handcrafted from cardboard in its core, the result is a unique, sonorous Sound experience without rattling and clicking. Visitors become part of the kinetic spectacle and the world of Bernard Lagneau!


New 2020:

The mechanical cardboard worlds now in combination with "utopian architectures".

in combination with