Bernard Lagneau - Mechanical Cardboard Worlds 
Mechanization of public squares and shopping centers with large-format moving cardboard machines. 30 major events from 1998 to 2017 in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Bremen, Geneva, Annecy, Paris, Budapest, Krakow, Brno, Prague, Lubin, Bucharest and Frankfurt.
BL-Ettlinger-Tor-Karlsruhe-92jpgDSC07147jpgPotsdamer Platz Arkaden 04jpgCuprum Arena Lubin Polen_jpg

Auguste Rodin sculptures and drawings
In collaboration with the Musée Rodin Paris, travelling exhibition for Commercialis SA in Manor shopping centres. Rodin for children/workshop

rodin_penseurjpgrodin_emmenjpgrodin_plakat_chavannesjpg 8f7aee16-ceca-4002-a053-0fb007bf07c1jpg

Emmanuel Sellier - Art direct
Sculpture dialogue /birth of a work of art. Events in Geneva, Berlin, Cologne, special event "Prominent in Stein".

_DSC4542 CC 3jpg2012-05-07 103248 avant capjpgavec le modle_steinerjpgblocvue densemble3jpg

Hundertwasser Architecture
Touring exhibition Hundertwasser-Architecture, 15 cities D/CH. Tour Hundertwasser architecture 5 cities french speaking Switzerland 2008 in Manor shopping centres. 2012 Exhibition at Riverside, cooperation with Kunsthaus  Wien and Gemeinnützige Hundertwasser-Privatstiftung Wien   


Chatles Morgan -   La Poésie mécanique
Kinetic machines with the built-in force to look at. 2000 to 2012 around 50 exhibitions and events
Seahorseriderjpg Cocktail Ijpg charles morgan kugelbahn 98jpg Betti IIjpg

Expression azurienne - Jean-Luc Desset and Laurand Bosio
Joint exhibition of art from the Cote dÂzur,Stadtzentrum Schenefeld


A walk through Impressionism
The first interactive Impressionist exhibition
With this travelling exhibition we presented a new concept to make art interesting for broad sections of the population.
The most interesting facets of the impressionist movement were brought to life interactively at 15 interactive themed stations: the best-known and most popular impressionists such as Monet, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Morisot, Degas, Cézanne and the post-impressionists Gauguin and van Gogh had their own themed modules.
09b_berhmtheitenjpg 01_Degasjpg 04b_Impression ou realite 3jpg 05a autoportrtsjpg fahne_logo_impressionisme_webjpg

Jules Verne - extraordinary journeys
Conception and design of a tour production for shopping centres in 7 cities. In collaboration with the Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon and the Musée Jules Verne, Nantes.

10_Atelier ausschneidbogenzug 2jpg jules verne concours chavannes209jpg 05022012325jpg 02_IMG_0259 12jpg

The world of the sphere- fun and physics around the ball
Interactive experience exhibition in shopping centres in D/CH, tour for ECE International in Greece and Turkey. Idea, concept, production


Wait a moment!
The crazy show of optical phenomena, 45 assignments in shopping centres.idea, concept, production
AM Bachenblach3jpg AM Bachenblach4jpg Polygonjpg

Opening event Prime Mall, Iskenderun, Turkey
production of Alladins Wunderlampe, concert, fireworks, Magic Pictures Santhori, idea and conception
seitenansicht version nachtjpgDSC00201jpg421c5a3f7bb2f293c95045257f6de121jpg

SinnOptikum / Experience your senses!
Retail Entertainment in Shopping Malls - "Experience your senses!", 35 assignments in D/A/CH, idea, conception, realisation

MeteoSwiss, Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology, Zurich

125 years MeteoSwiss / conception and realisation, interactive exhibition on the subject of weather in shopping centres, railway stations, airports, Museum of Transport, anniversary event Zurich Airport


Kuhn Rikon, Rikon/Switzerland
The culinary journey through time. Strong brands have roots. History marketing. The walk-through history of Kuhn Rikon, conception and realisation of the new company museum.


V Zug AG, Zug/Switzerland
Interactive presentation modules for the market launch of world firsts, the V-ZUG roadshow "100 days on the road", installation in vehicles and consulting centres, trade fair appearances


Wood Experimenta.

Lignum, timber industry Switzerland, Marketing and PR campaign, Swissbau Basel special show, tour of 12 cities.


Grüezi. Meeting point Switzerland
Switzerland campaign in Germany. Travelling exhibition, cultural events and business days in all German provincial capitals/OSEC, SECO, Switzerland Tourism, Bank Vontobel, NZZ


Fascination of space travel
Touring exhibition in collaboration with ESA European Space Agency and Swiss Space Office, Bern in 8 cities in Switzerland

Odysseum Cologne Science Center, Cologne

Realisation of text, design and production, theme room 1 "Wissend leben", 25 hands-on installations

odysseum_nasen2jpg21-Photosynthesejpgwie pflanzen fussspurenjpgodysseum_Fussstapfenjpg

Mirror Mirror  
Conception of a joint venture with the Swiss Science Center Technorama and Commercialis SA for a tour through 7 shopping centres in Switzerland. Production Technorama Winterthur

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne
Air and Space Travel Hall, Information installation weather and climate over 3 floors, Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, idea, concept, realization

ewz Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich
ewz-Energieerlebnis 2009 - Concept Roadshow with experience modules 3-D for efficient energy applications, idea, concept

Deutsche Energieagentur (dena), German Energy Agency
Clever, intelligent, efficient / Initiative Energieeffizienz - Interactive campaign with roadshow for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Berlin, idea, conception, realisation, logistics

Electro-Experimenta / The Mysterious Power
Total 90 exhibitions in 5 years, idea, conception, planning, realization, logistics
elektroexperimenta_plakat20kasseljpg 834ec1026b0e67aff461412f95a8cf5djpgelektroexperimenta_elektomotorjpgelektroexperimenta_lampenvergleichjpgelektroexperimenta_hamburg1jpg

ewz Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich
ewzoom - customer and information center, idea, conception, planning and construction

Städt. Werke Kassel
PR campaign with exhibition "Wohnträume - Häuser der Zukunft" ("Dreams of Living - Houses of the Future"), realized utopiaswohnrume_wohntrume_solarzellenjpgwohnrume_wohntrume_drehsolarjpgwohnrume_wohntrume_haus20der20zukunftjpg